The Next Peak


A Peerless Peer Group: Finding and Attracting Best-Fit Students

Financial aid funds from the Next Peak Campaign make it possible to welcome best-fit students regardless of their abilities to pay.
In a very literal way, our Admission Office creates the future of Thacher each year as it seeks out and recruits next year’s new arrivals. This is critical work, given our understanding that a strong, diverse, and supportive peer group is one of the most powerful educational tools Thacher possesses. Forty-four percent of this year’s student body identify as students of color. As Thacher has become more selective in recent years (this year’s admission rate was 12 percent), we’ve been able to leverage this selectivity. There are many academically talented applicants out there, but we are able to focus our efforts on the ones of high character and emotional intelligence. We are able to filter for those students bringing diverse perspectives, those who are enthusiastic about trying new things and, and those willing to challenge themselves and their friends to do and become the best they can be.

As we look to the future, our success in creating diverse and cohesive cohorts depends on robust financial resources that allow us to welcome best-fit students regardless of their abilities to pay. Along the way, the Next Peak Capital Campaign has made a material difference by increasing the amount of aid we grant each year by 15.38 percent (our percentage of students receiving financial aid has risen to 30 percent from 26 percent prior to the campaign), providing the Admission Office a valuable tool as it selectively composes each incoming class.
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