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Updates to a Historic Home

The Next Peak Campaign: An Update
In 2019, Trinity Sudweeks Seely CdeP 1999, Thacher’s newly named director of the Horse Program, and her family moved into a freshly renovated home on the Thacher campus. Like many faculty homes here, it was a house with rich Thacher history. 

Located across from the Hunter Barn, the Seely’s new home previously housed two long-time Horse Program faculty members and their families, the Swans and the Fosters. The provenance of the house is not lost on Trinity who embraces its history and considers it an honor to live in the same home as teachers who shaped her own trajectory during her days as a Thacher student. “I feel a sacred responsibility to tend to and take care of this historic home where the Fosters, who introduced me to Thacher, once lived,” said Trinity. “And, it’s homey—it definitely has a ranch house feel.”
As a boarding school with faculty who work many hours beyond a “normal” workday, Thacher’s ability to house its faculty on campus is key to faculty morale, recruitment, and retention. More than this, it is essential to the faculty’s ability to do what is asked of them. The Horse Program is no exception. Their days start early with the oversight of over 60 freshmen mucking stalls at 6 am. It is also not unusual to attend to an issue in the middle of the night, so proximity to the work is paramount—especially in the Horse Program. “The horses communicate among themselves,” said Trinity, “being within earshot means we can hear when something unusual is going on.” According to Trinity, horses are clever, so it isn’t unusual for one to escape its stall at night. The commotion this causes among the horses alerts the Seelys to check on things. “Living so close to the horse unifies the experience for us,” she concluded.

Any house with a history as long as this one is likely to be in need of some TLC, and the Seely’s new place was no exception. But after some repairs and updates, including the addition of a new bedroom and bathroom, it was ready to welcome its new occupants. 
The Supporting Faculty and Strengthening Teaching Initiative of The Next Peak Campaign is multi-faceted. One goal was the creation of a fund to improve faculty housing. Thanks to that initiative, several new homes have been built and a few, such as the Seely’s, have been updated, but many more await renovation and basic updates.
Today, the Improving Faculty Housing Initiative is 69 percent funded. Thacher remains focused on continuing its work to ensure that faculty homes are, just that, “homes” to the faculty who give so much to this School.
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